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Full text of "The Courts Of Europe V-Ii"

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COURTS   OF   PARIS,   NAPLES,   ETC.                 57

buried in the garden, where many other good
men lie unknown. You will believe my intelli-
gence when I tell you I am the public executioner,
sent for to put yon to death. Therefore, mount
your horse and return home or to whatever place
you think the most secure.'* The nobleman shook
him heartily by the hand, and, taking his advice,
galloped back to Paris without minding either
wind or rain.

The Cardinal kept up great state, and one
day, at the Duchess de Chevreuse's, the Marquis
de Conflans made remarks before him on the
ostentation of his having his train borne by a
chevalier de St. Louis. The cardinal replied that
it was the custom always to have one as "Gentil-
homme Caudataire. The predecessor of the present
one," added he with a sneer, "bore the name and
arms of Conflans."

"Je n'en doute pas," said the Marquis; "car
il y a longtems qu'il se trouve dans ma famille
de pauvres h&res, dans le cas de tirer le diable
par la queue."

When the King of Sweden was at Paris the
courtiers turned him into ridicule, as they do

everybody. "Enfin," said M. de C------, "c'est

un roi " " Couronn6," interrupted a cautious
friend, in order to put a stop to his invectives.